Offset Inks


Coldset offset printing is a process by which the ink dries gradually through evaporation and absorption into the paper.

Coldset printing is most commonly used on uncoated paper stocks like newsprint. Since the ink is not set immediately, there is always a little bit of residue that remains on the paper. Coldset is one of the more economical forms of printing that allows multiple webs to run concurrently, while using less expensive uncoated paper and energy to produce the product.

Characteristics :

  • Suitable for high speed machine.
  • Having low VOC oils.
  • Very good roller stability.
  • Good thyrotrophic nature to avoid misting.
  • Very good setting speed.
  • High density.
  • Stable Ink-water balance.
  • Low tack inks.


These inks are designed for excellent performance on the web machine speed ranges from 50000-55000 CPH.

Printing substrate:

News Papers


Web offset UV ink is designed to be used in narrow web rotary offset but can also be used in UV rotary letterpress.

Suitable for a wide variety of substrates and applications

  • Self adhesive labels - (PE, PVC, top coated PP & PE, coated and uncoated papers, PP & cast coated paper)
  • ln -moulds labels - PE
  • Synthetic wrap around labels - PE and PP
  • Ticket / tags / boards
  • Folding cartons

This ink can be hot foil blocked, used in direct thermal printing, laser overprinted, thermal transfer over printed and used in combination with UV screen inks.


  • Very Low migration.
  • Enhanced colour consistency Mileage.
  • Outstanding lithographic properties.
  • Wider operating window.
  • Universal ink with very good adhesion Properties to a wide range of materials.
  • Very good curing properties.


  • Possibility to use UV offset in various food packaging and label applications Where low migration is required
  • lmproved print results & profitability.
  • Consistent high print quality throughout press run and reduced waste during Set up.
  • Great press performance and user friendly.
  • Reduced inventory - one ink for all offset work.
  • lmproved productivity.