Speciality COATING


HiPrint UV Flexo Glow-N-Dark Varnish contains phosphorescent pigment and is formulated for Tag and Label printing. When printed and glows a bright lasting green after charging with a suitable light source. This may be recharged after the glow has diminished.

Substrates :
Pressure sensitive coated papers, vinyl’s, top coated and print treated polyester, BOPP films, polyethylene, polystyrene and paper & board stocks.

Target Viscosity 650-1000 cps @25ºC
Cure 300 W/in Hg lamp
Shelf Life 6 months (Unopened containers)
Benzophenone (BP) This product is NOT formulated with Benzophenone.

Application Suggestions
Use smallest line anilox possible, it should be lower than 300line/inch. An anilox Below 150line/inch is recommended. The pigments are abrasive to steel, use ceramic anilox, with a reverse angle, ceramic tipped doctor blade. This product is formulated to be press ready and can be printed over Rotary Screen, UV Flexo and Water Base Flexo inks. Phosphorescent pigments have a high density and will settle. This Varnish must be stirred well before and during use. The main objectives in this process is to increase the coating weight. Glow-N-Dark Varnish has a larger particle size (4μ) than regular inks. Achieving the brightest glow requires the highest coating weight possible. We suggest using a high volume anilox, hard sticky-back, photopolymer plates with a soft durometer, very little nip pressure. Printing over a white or a light colored substrate is also suggested.

Performance Verification
After press/job set up is complete, inspect a portion of the printed web for all applicable and specified properties. These properties include but are not limited to: cure, adhesion, mar and rub resistance, product resistance, gloss, and coefficient of friction. These tests should be performed prior to beginning the full production run.

Clean Up
Use oxygenated wash solvent for clean-up before and after printing. Do not use wash-ups that contain acids or water.

Storage and Handling
Proper personal protection equipment and adequate ventilation are required when handling this material. Please consult MSDS for details on proper handling of this material. This product should be stored in a sealed container away from heat, flame and should not be exposed to any direct light source. Otherwise, premature cure or gel could occur. The product should be mixed prior to use.