UV Inks & Coating

UV Matt Varnish

CYTECH offers a variety of UV coatings for special requirements. Please find a selection here. More coatings are available on demand or can be developed according to individual customer requests. Contact us.

UV DUCT MATT VARNISH Gloss Drying Glueability/s unitability for hot foil stamping Information
HiPrint UV Matt Varnish FLX 301 3 6 NO For foil (IML)
HiPrint UV Matt Varnish FLX 302 9 5 NO UV based special coating with release effect
HiPrint UV Structure Varnish FLX 303 10 5 NO UV based special coating with structure effect


HiPrint clean UV cleansing agent. Cleaning agent for the cleaning of coating units, anilox rollers, tube systems, rubber blankets and coating plates.
HiPrint Wet cleaning Liquid. Manual and periodical cleaning agent for the in-depth cleaning of anilox rollers.

ADDITIVES Description
HiPrint Slip Agent. Additive for better wetting and running capabilities. Slip characteristics are changed.
HiPrint Defoamer. Additive in order to improve defoaming.
HiPrint Antistatic Agent. Additive in order to decrease static charge.
HiPrint UV Accelerator. Additive for reactivity increase.