Speciality COATING


  • Yellow to Green
  • Yellow to violet
  • Yellow to red

Applications :

Gravure Flexo
Paper Labels * * * * * *
Film Labels * * *

* * * Highly recommended * can be used - Not recommended

Dual Tone is a solvent based coating which are mica-based pigments system and it is applied through flexo graphic and gravure system and they create unique luster and colour effects which otherwise only occur in nature from silver-white red and bronze-colored earth tones and interference to gold luster.

The effect varies from silky smooth to glittery, depending on the particle size distribution.

The interplay between transparency, refraction and multiple reflection determines the enormous variety of effects.

Key Features:

  • Day light dual tone effect.
  • Giving excellent colour changing effect.
  • Hi Gloss.
  • Low light fastness and resistance.
  • Available in solvent based system.Available in solvent based system.
  • Available in Flexo & gravure.
  • Strongly eye appealing.